Big Brother: The Saturday Challenge “4”

The result of the first saturday 'task' was that Kitten doesn't get her case of clothes. Until she gets out. So now she has to scab clothes off of the others.

That's interesting, because during the challenge she was trying to be all 'cool' by not going into the diary room and taking part. So she voted for herself, inadvertently. To be honest, I don't really like her now. She's too radical. She's only been in there one day, and has already tried to start a "mini-revolution", as well as this.

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Blogger Fin: The quicker Kitten gives up and plays the game properly, the better. She's just made it onto my blacklist, and will have to be VERY funny (or at least entertaining) to get off of it.

My Current Contestant Black ListAhmed, Dan, Kitten, Stuart, Victor.
My Current Favorite ContestantsEmma, Marco, Shell, Vanessa.
But Marco does tend to get on my tits after a while.

Blogger ME! :-): omg! i know Marco is annoying, but to get on your tits? for a bloke to say that, it must be tragic! lol x

Blogger Fin: lol It's only a saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger ME! :-): yeh yeh...! ;-)

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