Big Brother UK 5 “1”

Big Brother is shaping up nicely. I think the well engineered range of contestants are all geared up to clash against each other, and the new house is going to (hopefully) drive them nuts.

Good. I wanna see a punch up.
Favorite Contestant so far & why: Marco; he's loud and funny. Hilarious.
Most Hated Contestant so far & why: Ahmed, Stuart; both are a bit pompous, and have probably been put into the house to make us feel like that towards them. But we will have to see.
Extra Contestant Commentary
Kitten seems decent; Nadia as mad as any other Portugese woman and Dan is strange. I am expecting a clash between Victor and Jason. But who really knows?

It's only been less than three hours, so my opinions are likely to change very quickly. I've decided to get into Big Brother this year, despite exams, so I will probably be making quite a few posts about it soon.

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Blogger ME! :-): i'm not really sure you could say that Nadia is a 'woman', although technically now she is... lol

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