"Gut Rot 1" - Stick Man Movie “0”

I have just finished compiling my new stick man action movie, Gut Rot 1. Some people are really into this stuff, as you may notice from the likes of SFDT.

GR1 has very little plot - it was basically me playing around with Flash for a while, and is actually just two movies slapped together to give the impression of a story.

Although the action is over more or less in about 10 seconds, there is some great stunts performed - and some bullet time thrown in for added wow factor.

Next I plan to do a sequel (perhaps entitled "Gut Rot 2"???), with loads more action, a bit more of a plot and a more manageable filesize. Still being on 56k is a bit of a crippling thing, you know.

Please leave comments about the movie on this post. I am always happy to hear from people - and would love some suggestions, or things people would like to see.

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