Half-Life 2: A PR Disaster “0”

I haven't even finished playing the first game yet (well it is quite hard!), but I am really looking forward to the release of Half-Life 2.

Even though the project has been plagued with problems (e.g. the source code being 'stolen'), I anticipate its release. But that is no thanks to the way Valve (the developers of HL) have handled the situation. HL2 is, literally, a PR disaster.

But we all know it is going to be a really great game (game of the year, of course!). Don't we? Well it might have been impressive last year if it were released on time, but now I am not so sure.

Since last years' E3 loads of really impressive games have come out, each with their own little technical marvels to have an oggle at. HL2 has dug its own hole by moving the release date forward - what it really needs to do now is to fill it up with magical, impressive features. I sure do hope they can do that.

We still don't even have a release date!

The best site to look at is, in my opinion, BeyondHalflife.com. They provide seemingly really up-to-date news and views on the game and the community. Personally, I can't be bothered to check it every day or even every week. Just a quick peek every now and then does me fine. The reason is because the news is always the same. HL2 is not out yet.

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