The WJEC English Literature Exam “0”

Ahhh. This exam was probably the hardest one I'll get throughout the exam season. It was horrible. Simply, simply, horrible. I can not express how much I hate English Lit. exams. Why was it such a bad exam?
1. It's an English exam.
2. It's a literature exam.
3. The questions were ones I had never done before or seen before (a.k.a. worst case scenario).
4. It lasted two and a half hours.
5. My hand got tired after 10 minutes of writing and became mostly useless for the last 140 minutes.
6. There was a morbidly obese invigilator (cheating preventerer) which was distracting my by walking around. I also believe that she had her own inter-stellar strength gravity field. Maybe.
7. I couldn't even fit all my books on the desk thing.
That's not even all of it. I can't remember the rest. And I only slept 2 hours the night before.

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