The AQA Maths Non-Calculator Exam “1”

Serious drama today. Bad drama, though. Today we had our first maths exam, and with it came quite a unique event for our school.

Someone decided to set fire to a tree in our school, right next to the hall where we were having our exam. I had just sat down to take the exam, and was minutes from opening the paper to start. I was in my coveted exam-mode; fully concentrated and all mathematical and ... riiiing! The bastard bell went off, as half the school was still coming into the hall. The teachers went into a state of panic and, like frenzied ants, ran around telling us to stay in our seats. Just about all the students either laughed or got angry. I laughed, but it was a nervous one.

Eventually the stressed ants ushered us out of the hall, where I had to sit on the field with the rest of the school. NOTELESS. I couldn't revise or recap, and it stressed me out a lot. Someone made the jokey remark, "Oh I can just FEEL the information pouring out of my brain!" But I literally could.

Eventually we sat back down in the hall and got on with the test. I was under control, but only just. I got to about question 13 (out of 22), and thought I was doing quite well when, to my horror, the bell went off again. This time someone had set it off deliberately (they were later permanently expelled), but it was all I needed to put me over the edge. My brain actually melted. The ants went back into panic mode, and everyone decided to fidget and drop things from that point until the end of the exam.

Oh, the horror. I couldn't even get my brain to try to answer some of the questions, let alone give the correct one. So about half of the paper is now incomplete. Which is seriously bad, considering I want (well... you know) to do it at A-Level, and can't unless I get a "B" - which that test most certainly was not! What's my solution? Try REALLY hard on the next test to make it up, and hopefully my coursework will help a bit as well.

The stress of it all. Why do we even bother?

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Blogger ME! :-): aaw, babe!!! u poor lil mooseton! lol. So does that mean u will have to stay in revising like mad, and not be able to come out with me?? :-(

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