Finding a Good Source of Revenue “2”

If you are, like me, starting up a new website which you believe will be accessed often by a large amount of people, you may be interesting in finding out how to monetize your hits.

There are a wide variety of ways to do this, but one of the best is to simply sign up with Google Ads. You site has to be of decent quality, but it can be a rather decent source of income once it's all up and running.

Another type of advertising you may not have considered is sponsorship. It requires more work to set up, and you must have a solid user demographic to offer the potential sponsor, along with a good amount of statistics about your hits, but it can prove to be very worthwhile. It offers the possibility for you to arrange a fixed amount per month for constant adspace for the sponsor, which on a better site can mean loads more than pay-per-click adverts.

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Blogger Szeva: Yea, google ads look good, and persuade many people to use them, as in, put them on their website, but they generate no money. This is because you get money for every time a user clicks one of the links, its not a monthly thing. Think about it, whose gonna click a link to get another one of those damn pop-ups? :D

Blogger Fin: I see your point, but actually it's better than the ones that people have to USE the advertiser's site for you to get any money.

You can also appeal to people to click on them for the sake of revenue. Plus they might actually be interesting for the user.

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