iRaq “4”

This is an excellent example of using popular culture to get at more pressing world issues. I wonder where you can download them from?

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Blogger switching_souls: i don't think that's funny at all! if someone can make fun of something that serious, fuck them. i know so many people who lost friends or family on 9/11. screw the person or persons who can make fun of such a tragedy.

Blogger Fin: The posters are in no way taking the mick out of the WTC attacks. They are actually a farce of a farce (that is, The 'War on Terror' in Iraq, and the Abu Ghurayb prison photos).

It is interesting to see your reaction to this. Most Americans, even the conservative ones, are disturbed and disgusted by the actions of those at Abu Ghurayb in Iraq. It has been said often that America should not become the terrorist if it does not want to be terrorized. You can simply ignore this idea, but working against it by degrading detained Iraqis will most certainly aid your cause for a just, liberated and truly free world.

I think that most Americans, like any other nationals, are nice people who do not like conflict. It is simply under-education, prejudice and greed which create the modern wars of our world.

Blogger switching_souls: AMEN! and i can get why some people see different sides on this, it just depends on your outlook on the war in Iraq.

if you are against the war, like me, you might see it as an insult to the troops whom are giving most of their lives to protect Americans and Iraqi's alike.

But, if you support President Bushs' decision to go to war, you might see it as a promotion for people to accept the war.

Like i said, it just depends which side of the creek you are on.

Blogger switching_souls: by the way, im glad people all around the world are learning about this situation. and it sounds soooooooo strange to hear you say "Americans". no offense of course.

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