It's All Over “1”

Finally! After one mother of an Economics exam, I am free from the horrible experience that is GCSE.

I actually think I did quite well in that exam, and am rather pleased with myself that I could answer all of the questions presented to me. For once.

Whether or not I got the right answer is another matter...

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Blogger Thought's of a Skull: i'm glad you did well on the exam. i've read some of your posts today. what grade are you in? college?! that's not a grade, but we american's just don't seem to care. just kidding. i'm so gald that i have finally found some one that doesn't use that stupid "computer talk"! i only use it if i'm in a disaterous hurry, which is seldom. please check out my blog and tell me how i'm doing on it. i just created it yesterday. thanks

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