The MySQL v. XML Mental Brawl “0”

I have literally been wrestling with myself metally over the past few days on what could, to the average guy, not seem important or substantial at all. It's all about what technique I will use to build BusterTests's testing system; namely the storage of the test information. MySQL or XML.

Which is it to be? Well, to say that I have no experience whatsoever of XML, but know it's benefits of flat-fileness and future-proofability. On the other hand is MySQL, of which I have a decent working knowledge, but have to grapple with the strain it puts on the hoster's servers, and the possibility of it all going wrong.

In the end, I think I am just going to have to be a bit lazy. MySQL it is. XML is far too confusing for me right now. I'll probably realize that it's majorly simple next month and regret picking MySQL. Unfortunately, I need the site working! Now!

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