Winnings! Beautiful, Beautiful Winnings! “0”

I would just like to announce that I have won the Weston Murcury's competition for two Odeon tickets.

I entered on the website, and have to confess I have never really read a copy.

But I feel quite lucky, and that may be because I won £12 on a scratch card the other day. Which is rather good, I think! (Well... given the odds.)

And how did I spend my £11 profit? Why, on a great "Area A" seat I got on the cheap last minute at the Bristol Old Vic! I went to see a play for the drama exam I have to do, which was quite interesting. It was alright - but the usual problem of me not understanding the plot came into play. I got the jist, though. That should be enough for me to write 10 pages about in the exam. 1 page of truth, 9 pages of lies, 10 pages of waffle. (In mathematical terms, t + 9l = 10w. *sigh* This is what revision does to you.)

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