Horoscopes of Significance “2”

Recently I have found that horoscopes for my star sign have been significantly more concise than usual. They are normally along the lines of "you will encounter a challenge today", yet recently they have been more like "you are extremely busy, don't discuss this with your family and don't let others put demand on your time". Erm... Okay then.

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Blogger ME! :-): heheh my horoscopes have been rather good! something along the lines of.. a handsome person in your life decides to make contact, whether it's been a day or a year, take it with open arms... hhmm...

Blogger switching_souls: my horoscopes always suck. they tell me that "an old friend will get in touch with you today, so work on some conversation starters!", but no one evet calls that day. stupuid stars. oh, well, i read it everyday, anyway.

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