Summer Reading “1”

It simply has to happen. I must read some books this year.

How many have I read so far? Not many at all. Mostly revision guides and that sort of material. So I have decided to order loads of books from Amazon (whatever happened to real bookstores?) and work my way through them.

I am rather picky, so these ones should really be good. As I read them I will be sure to post my thoughts about them and try hopelessly to comprehend the storyline.

I'm not illiterate or anything (although my year 8 English teacher disagreed, but my average English coursework 'A/B' grade agrees), but I do have a good deal of trouble understanding plot and meaning. That mainly comes from me being able to remember who's who when it comes to characters. I've even ordered a book to help me with that.

I saw 'Want to Play?' in W H Smith (in Newport) the other day, and boy-o-boy it is a whopper. The biggest I've ever read. But then again, a challenge is a nice thing, isn't it?

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