Thine Books Hath Arrived “6”

I really do love getting parcels.

So here are all my summer reading books that arrived today. You may notice one that isn't on my summer reading list. This is because it sounds a bit pretentious and I would be slightly embarrassed to put it on the permanent list at the site of the blog.

"What Smart Students Know" is an extremely interesting book. It defines the thinking processes that lead to a better understanding of the subject matter, and save you time in general. It also heavily questions the teaching environment, which is rather entertaining. I will do a review of it, but it is a tad more complex than the others so it might not be a brilliant one.


HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THAT BLOODY MEMORY BOOK?!?! It's TINY! The blue book at the top of the picture is meant to help you memorize names a faces, but one thing is for sure: I remember the bloody £2.50 I spent on that book! I really do hate books like that. It had better be good.

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Blogger Boo Boo: Yay for posting random comments: I have a few.
1- your website is cool (I don't know what the GSCE's are, but congrats on being 16 and making a good site)
2- love the blog.
3- love the photos on the blog- you could easily be a pro photographer.
4- I don't really get where Mean Girls comes in as a favorite movie- help me to undertand that one....
5- I'm hoping HHGG stands for hitchikers guide to the galaxy, because if it does: YOU KICK ASS. That book is the SHIT.
6- this is a question- did you teach yourself code or learn it from books? Have you always been good at it?
Thanks for reading (and possibly responding to) my random post. (nice profile photo).

Blogger Fin: Thanks for your comment:

-Mean Girls isn't really a favourite movie, but it sure is funny!
-HHGG does stand for Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, but I can't remember where I wrote about it in the blog. I don't really like it too much though. 'Tis a bit weird.
-I kind of taught myself code, but I have one book that I bought recently to help me brush up on it. I have always been kinda good at making websites - I think they're interesting.

Blogger Boo Boo: thats awesome. someday I'll learn how to make websites......someday.
hhgg is actually under your profile in favorite books (that's actually how I happened across your blog)...

Blogger switching_souls: i came across your blog by acting. LOVE ACTING!!!

Blogger switching_souls: what do smart students know?

Blogger Fin: Not much, apparently. The book isn't like that. I'll explain in a post later...

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