Two-Way Advertising “5” is gaining momentum, and I have started to plan out a few new tactics for making the site popular.

The main tactic to to advertise heavily on the site. The adverts aren't pop-ups or pup-unders (for that would break the webmaster code), but simple banner ads at the top and in the middle of the tests and results. They occur ever four questions.

But here is the clever part: it only costs £0.04 to advertise a website on Google for the search terms "gcse revision" and "gcse bitesize" (the single-most searched thing when it comes to 'GCSE').

I haven't started the adverts yet, but it sure is cheaper that I thought it would be.

The second thing that I was thinking about is the whole notion of 'brand identity and experience' - what does busterTests stand for? What feelings to users get of busterTests? How can I make them like it?

I am developing my ideas all the time, and I have to do so rather quickly for them to be applicable, but I am thinking towards the direction that busterTests should be a cheeky website. I want it to stand out from other boring sites (like bitesize) and make it a fun and engaging site that allows the users/students to progress at their own pace, whenever they want. I want them to think that busterTests is cool, and so that organic marketing can occur, and the site will be spread by word-of-mouth.

More on this later.

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Blogger Ty: Very nice site. The layout is awesome, and so is the idea behind it. Good thinking!

Blogger Fin: Thanks a lot.

Blogger Jacqueline Urbano: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Jacqueline Urbano: Keep up the great work. Interesting blog ;)

Blogger Fin: Thanks. ;)

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