Book Review: "Want to Play?" by P. J. Tracy “6”

This book is absolutely amazing. It is the first proper novel I have ever read, and also the first thriller I have ever read. I can honestly say that I am now hooked on the genre thanks to this book.

I have to say that I don't know all that much about reviewing books, but I can thoroughly endorse and recommend this one to anyone above the age of 15.

Why? Well, it is terribly violent, the plot and characters did challenge me somewhat (but that's reading and comprehension, which I am rather bad at), and the entire subject of serial killers, hermaphrodites and such and such. Anyways, I consider those as positive things when it comes to stories.

The plot is brilliant. This is simply a real page-turner. It builds up tension really well, and the killings are described excellently. All the characters are mostly believable, and the ending is surely one to wait for. Not that you won't be very entertained throughout the book.

The start is shocking, the middle is exciting, and the end is literal ecstasy. You will love it!

The cover is also quite good, and so is the quality of print (which I always pay attention to). And the plot involves computers in a (mostly) realistic and exciting way! It's brilliant! What more could I ask for in a book?

Oh, and in the USA it is referred to as "Monkeewrench" - which I believe is a hideous title, nothing like the brilliantly named "Want to Play?"

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Blogger Fin: Oh and by the way, do you like the spooky thriller-type pictures of the book?

Blogger pirate_freak: they are really good. i think my mom has "monkeewrench". and i agree, it is a horrendous title. but i'll read it anyway.

Blogger ME! :-): oooh where to find this lovely piece of horror....? lol x

Blogger ME! :-): :-O terrifying piccys!

Blogger Fin: Why, your local bestseller emporium, of course!

A.K.A. Bookshop. ;)

Blogger pirate_freak: Righty-O, chap!

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