The Downside of Results “2”

Despite having been really happy with my results, I can't help but feel shitty.

But why exactly is this? Well, when humans get nervous and tense, and have to face up to a big reality such as results, the adrenaline starts pumping. I can liken it to being backstage just before a drama performance. Unfortunately, I seem to get it about five times worse than others, backstage or otherwise.

Adrenaline is just like any other drug in that you can get hung over from it, and coming down makes you feel somewhat suicidal. Well, for anyone else it might just mean they don't have a constant smile on their face, but like I've said, it make me feel a bit shitty.

Never mind. It'll be gone by tomorrow. :-)

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Blogger ME! :-): Aw no worries, babe, i'm sure you did just fine! Is it scary? You are still going to 6th Form yeah? xxx

Blogger Fin: Yeah I'll be back on Thur for 6th Form - I've got a serious amount of homework to do before that though.

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