I can feel my goddamned fist against your face! “1”

I've just taken a break from the Olympics on BBC 1, only to see a new (by my standards) band named "V" preform.

Could "V" stand for Vadge? Or perhaps the more proper Vagina? In this case, I suppose it would be "Vaginas".

They ripped all that is holy from the Michael Jackson hit, "Can You Feel It?" with a cover of the same name.

But it's hardly a cover: more like some kind of overproduced slurry of unoriginal vocal talent.

Can I feel it? Can I feel it!? I can feel my goddamned fist against you bloody face, that's for sure!

I surely do hope they don't make the big-time and never are allowed onto any form of mass media (ESPECIALLY the kind that I pay for - the BBC!) ever again. Now, everybody, let's all hope they find nice jobs as strippers or waiters or something like that once their career caves in on itself and the drugs scandals emerge (go HEAT! Do your job and dig up the dirt!).

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