Moral Sin “5”

Well, work at a local shop is really starting to heat up. Well, perhaps not.

Being behind the till allows you a rather interesting glimpse into the goings on of the general public. I have to say that the location of this shop means that most of the general public are generally geriatric, but nevertheless we still get a few 'red herrings'.

My first, and personally most prominent, mistake of the day was to issue the wrong lottery tickets to at least 2 old-aged persons, for which I may bear an eternal moral sin. I just hate to upset them, you know. But the problem is that I usually work on a Saturday, which means that there are loads of people coming in, and asking for a "lottery ticket" or a "lucky dip" - basically a line of 6 numbers chosen randomly by the lottery machine, costing £1.

I ask "for tonight?", and am almost always replied to with a "yes" (or "yes, please" if it's a nice old lady or man). But I was in Saturday mode this morning (7a.m. onwards) and so when designating to the lottery machine what day they would like the ticket for (either Wednesday or Saturday), I just pressed the button twice, like always.

One press means "Wednesday", a second "Saturday". So a few of these old people were getting the wrong ticket or two. But only a few. People will notice and, hopefully before what is now one hour and seven minutes away, bring the ticket back and demand for an exchange. And that shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

To be honest, they still have equal chances of winning, and should they win on Wednesday (but find that their ticket is invalid for that day), they can only blame themselves. They didn't check the ticket before leaving the shop. Well, some did. But they didn't notice - which further goes towards my proof.

Anyway, all they ever do is bring it in and ask me to check it. I have had them come in and ask me to check their Lotto tickets before, only to discover that they aren't valid for another 3 days or so. And mostly, they don't care. And, always, they can't even remember why, and put it down to a fault of their own.

Additionally, I can always say that they told me to select Saturday. There is no proof!

A few other things happened today, but while confessing this most horrible sin, I have to admit that I have forgotten them. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

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Blogger Fin: Oh god, forgive me.

Blogger pirate_freak: may your non-existing god forgive you. i would just be worried about the old ladies coming into the store and beating the back of my knees with a cane.

Blogger Fin: Just so long as they don't sue...

Blogger pirate_freak: precisley! or you could just bribe them with bingo and jell-o......

Blogger Fin: Looking back on this post, I realise that I think I make mistakes like this all the time, but actually don't at all.

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