The Award Thing “6”

Hey! I found this out ages ago but I may as well say it. I got an award for getting more than 5 A's at GCSE level from my school. (Erm... whoopeee.)

What is my highly-anticipated prize, I hear you cry? A car? No. A free fountain pen to the value of £50? No. A book token? Yes!

Well done! In just three guesses, you have managed to pin down what I will have to sit through a two-and-a-half hour ceremony to get.

And then afterwards there is the sixth form party, which I am looking forward to. I wonder if I will even get served? Hmm... seems like I'll have to put on my stern 20-year-old student face again.

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Blogger Kevin: Book token? Must be an English thing. Excuse me, I'm a stupid American.

Blogger ME! :-): Cheap bastards. I bet you got £5 worth for doing THAT MUCH better, lol. Maybe the council should propose the school should buy us cars.. hmm.. yes... *deep thoughts* (congrats on ur grades btw- you never told me i liked a GENIUS!:-P )

Blogger loran: i heard about ur 'head dancing' at the par-tay lol. i still think we shud organise a house party ther the best!

Blogger Fin: UPDATE! Yess! I'm now the proud owner of a £10 book token! Not too shabby, but still... I would have liked a gold medal or something :P

Blogger pirate_freak: the olypics are over. pleeeeeze, no more medals!!! ooh, and can i come to the "house Partay"??!! (eager face)

Blogger pirate_freak: jk

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