The Best Game Ever “8”

I've found the best flash game ever. Check it out!

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Blogger Kevin: You're evil... ;-)

Blogger ME! :-): hahaha Thats good! i didn't even see it coming! lol hahaha!

Blogger Monkeyhanger: Just what I needed to wake me up. I've only been out of bed an hour or so and its half 3 :-D

Blogger Fin: It made me scream the first time I saw it. :)

Blogger pirate_freak: ive seen that before...only they had you get reeeaallllllyyyy close to the screen and then pop up an "Exorcist" picture.

Blogger Fin: heh

Blogger pirate_freak: yea. they get pretty weird w/ this stuff.....

Blogger pirate_freak: some of it is really didcusting...

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