Bikers! “5”

There was a bit of a bikers' rally held in (or near) my village today, and loads (LOADS) of bikers went past my house in all sorts of bikes. Which meant that it was great practise for me to take action shots of moving vehicles!

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Blogger Kevin: Nice. Crisp detail - better than my camera on objects in motion. Maybe it's the operator?

Blogger Jackie O: Great pic! I'm taking a photo class right now at school, and man, i look up to you. :D

Blogger midnitelylith: hi jakie o (aka: my best friend). i know. fintan, you rock!!

Blogger loran: this is an example of paning dnt u know!

Blogger Fin: Heh. Thanks for you comments! This pic has been a *tad* enhanced (not to the extent of a magazine cover model, though). I literally had to take about 100 shots before I got this. You get used to following the bikes eventually. I have to say, Loran, I am glad that photography A-level is paying off... :P

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