Cut, Ready for a Harvest “8”

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Anonymous Anonymous: Now that is just plain amazing.

Blogger Fin: Thanks a lot!

Anonymous Anonymous: What camera do you have? What are the specifications on it? (I was going to say specs, but not being sure if it was a universal English abbreviation...)

Blogger Fin: Specs is fine! Erm hang on let me get it.... OK then, it's a Nikon Coolpix 4300 with a 5 MegaPixel capacity (the retailers say otherwise but I have tested it). It's quite a small camera. I am planning to buy some lenses off of e-bay for it soon, so I can experiment with different angles and viewpoints.

Blogger ME! :-): woooh! ooh get you! look who's becoming quite the lil photographer now!

Anonymous Anonymous: How do you 'overclock' the resolution on a digital camera? I'm just curious, seeing how I have a Nikon Coolpix and all.

Blogger Fin: It isn't an overclock; it's just me measuring the highest number of pixels the camera can measure in each shot, which turns out to be in excess of 5 million.

Blogger Leila: Beautiful, wish I had talent like you! Makes me miss Europe that photo does...
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