Did I Ever Mention? “4”

I wonder how many people know that I did the artwork for the Sarah Payne Memorial Plaque? It's a tragic story, but I have to say that she has some fine designs commemorating her.

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Blogger ME! :-): I hate murderers. i hate terrorists. i hate people who have no friends so they just decide to blow up a building. for a laugh. its pathetic. Sarah's memorial is beautiful!

Blogger pirate_freak: if i was in gb, i would go see it, and put a bouquet of flowers on the opposite side of the tree. so people wouldnt slow down and look. and people w/no friends,i think that it is their own fault because they dont go talk to people, and after they are used to it, they just reject everyone.

Blogger Kevin: I can't tell from the photo in the story how exactly the memorial is composed, but I'm curious to know how you helped. Did you do concept work?

Blogger Fin: Well I was the one who designed the text that was etched ('cut or impressed into a surface; "an incised design"; "engraved invitations"') into the metal. It was basically some words and a little elegant squiggly thing that made it all look nice.

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