Dusty Morning “4”

There's history to this one. Basically I woke up at about 5.00am one morning to let Buster out, and looking out of my window I saw this amazing sight - the entire valley (and lake) covered in fog.

Sadly, my camera isn't that good at taking pictures with low light levels, so this was my best of about 7 attempts. It has been cleaned up as much as possible, and hopefully with give you a little insight into the breathtaking view.

This one is dedicated to Alison.

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Blogger ME! :-): wow! That, i reckon, is one of the best yet! wish i coulda been there, it looks amazing!

Blogger midnitelylith: thanx!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Blogger pirate_freak: That's a really good pict.....wait a second...that's me! Hi everyone!

Blogger pirate_freak: by the way, midnitelylith & sparrow_13 are the same person.:]

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