EMA & Its Uses “10”

I bought some seriously interesting books with my well-earned EMA the other day. They were delivered today, fresh from Amazon.

Designing for Newspaper and Magazines isn't what I expected, but is good none the less. I was expecting it to be produced in the same fashion as the others, with lots of pictures and guides to help you along and give you demonstration of what is possible.

Instead you get a bit more theory, but it is (or appears to be, since I haven't read it yet) very useful theory, and should come in handy when deconstructing printed media for Media Studies (dropping in some professional terms is always a plus in essays).

Logo Designs That Work is an amazingly interesting book that just had my jaw dropping the second I opened it up. It is, as a graphic designer, exactly what I want to see.

Inspirational and revealing, it gives some insight into the development of the logo, but doesn't really deliver on its "secrets of successful logo design" slogan. It's really good, though, and is simply a pleasure to own. It makes you feel all designery (yet another word I have made up to express something rather... erm... original).

Production for Graphic Designers is a massive book. I delivers the goods for the price, and is basically a manual of pre-press and press happenings. It even includes a look at the history of the press, and a look at typefaces and their values when it comes to print design.

There are plenty of pretty pictures to look at while you revel in its orange glow and thick paper weight. It can also be used as inspiration for print design itself, being layed out beautifully.

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Blogger pirate_freak: i xpect to be seeing your logos over here sometime in the future, ok?

Blogger Fin: Yep!

Blogger pirate_freak: good. and it better be soon.

Blogger Fin: lol

Blogger Kevin: But no pressure. Anyway, thought you might appreciate this site: http://www.webdesignfromscratch.com/

Blogger pirate_freak: here is an interesting site:
sori, i am a sucker for pretti faeries :P

Blogger Fin: Two interesting sites there.

This time I'm going with a funky kind of look, which means - dare I say - a splash of pink.

But it's used reasonably, so there shouldn't be too many problems.

Blogger pirate_freak: pink is evil....live on green yellow and black!!

Blogger Fin: Hmm.. it might be a little hard to make that combo work on a website.

Blogger pirate_freak: no it wouldn't. black background w/ lime and dark green and yellow highlights. i guess you have to like those colours to like it.

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