Helping Out “4”

At our nice little school, the 6th form students are forced expected to do the school a service or two.

It's all based in the ingenious logic of the school's administrators, who have cleverly worked out that if we do something to help our fellow students out, not only will they improve, but we will be able to write something impressive out on our UCAS university application forms.

This usually consists of helping out underachieving (or, indeed, overachieving) students to improve in maths, science, etc. But I have decided that my time is a tad too valuable to be wasting on teaching a 12-year-old how to find x in a quadratic equation.

I have decided to pass down my gritty knowledge of the internet and design to a group of kids in years 9 and 10 (who are going to be about 13 to 14 years old). It'll be done in the form of a few after-school sessions, and hopefully they'll be working towards producing a few (well designed!) web pages each.

I don't know about you, but I think that sounds a little bit more interesting than just doing quadratic equations (despite their importance). On top of that, it might just catch Oxford or Cambridge's eye when it comes to the university crunch.

I love Google definitions.

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Blogger pirate_freak: PFFT! importance shmortance. its not like we are going to figure out how much our McDonalds bill is by using quadraticc eaquations.

Blogger Kevin: Well, thanks for the definitions for Americans like me!
Now I have no business peppering you with questions - oh, bother.
And I do remember that x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus four a c, all over 2 a!
Too bad I'm in a geometry course right now.

Blogger ME! :-): 12 year olds!? Can't ya come help us poor lil dumbasses in year 11? pretty please? lol x

Blogger pirate_freak: wat abowt tha stoopit peepel in ate-th grad? huh? dont wi mader?? i am gonna go cri now. teer.

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