Open Evening Fun “7”

At this very moment I am sitting in an empty sixth form building at our school, wondering why I am wasting my time like this. Why, exactly, am I?

Well, tonight I have volunteered (rather graciously, I think) to help out with the schools open evening. It's an event where all the parents of the children coming to the school next September will be coming along and checking out the buildings.

It will be my job, or so I have been lead to believe, to guide the parents and children through the school to the different faculties. I also get free sandwiches.

But it means wasting about three hours of my life moping around in this building, because it would be logistically incorrect to bother going home (a 20-minute journey) to just have a bit of dinner, and then have to come back. Let's face it: that's giving me a chance to be late. And as the law of Fintan goes; if you can be late you probably will be.

Oh well. I think I might just go off and do an impression of that Fat Boy Slim music video where the security guard runs around the shopping centre.

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Blogger ME! :-): You have your very own LAW? wow! what else is in the Law of Fintan? lol x

Blogger the Arrogant Fool: I have a huge crush on you.

And that "security guard" in the video is Christopher Walken. He used to be really scary, but now he's my hero.

Blogger Kevin: By the way, Fin, I'm buying up a bunch of your shares on Blogshares because it amuses me. Makes me feel powerful, as it were.

Blogger pirate_freak: i, too, have a huge crush on him.

Fintan, you are hot and smart..............yea.

Blogger Fin: um... how can I express this?










Blogger pirate_freak: thanx!!! that's what i was going for!

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