Owch. “9”

Today I managed to take the dog out for a walk and cut myself on some barbed wire while trying to jump over a fence.

You may be thinking: "Doesn't he mean 'Today I took the dog out for a walk and managed to cut myself on some barbed wire'," but I assure you I don't.

I'm lazy.

Anyway, I had to was my thumb in Detol and then in Carex and then not let it touch anything for about one hour. Over-cautious? Naahhh...

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Blogger pirate_freak: i have got you beat.

ok, my best friend gave me an exacto blade which was soooooooooo incredibly sharp! and being my stupid self, i put the damn thing in my pocket. well, during my fourth hour drama class, the blade was sticking out of my pocket about a 1/2 inch and i sliced my left forearm open! i could see my own muscle! i now have three stiches in my arm and my friend and i are suspende from skool three days.

Blogger Fin: What a total nightmare!

Blogger ME! :-): dettol and carex AND not touching anything for a whole hour!? shheeesh, either you must be getting soft or that cut must have been pretty bad! lol x

Blogger pirate_freak: lol. but seriously, never EVER put an exacto blade in your pcket! you will regret it! =(

Blogger Rik: I like your blog,it's interesting to read.
Keep writing :)
[My blog][avatars and funny stuff]

Blogger pirate_freak: he certainly does keep things lively doesn't he? with cut thumbs and photographs of birds taking off, and wutnot.

Blogger Fin: lol

Blogger pirate_freak: guess what!? i got the stitches out last night!! (from the x-acto blade)

Blogger pirate_freak: no body loves me.........:(

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