Stonehenge. Oh, the Exitement. “5”

I won’t say too much about this picture. I took it on Sunday as we passed the spectacle of British heritage.

That’s exactly what it was, because British Heritage, the charitable organisation, have decided to fence it off and charge you about £2 to get within 20 metres of it, to my disgust.

Hence, the far-away shot. I was hoping for a really amazing angle on it. But my distance stopped that. I’m thinking of buying a telephoto lens for the camera. It should make this kind of thing much better.

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Blogger ME! :-): OMG Darl! you're loved by millions! 'tis like your the God of Blog! Can i have your autograph? *blushed giggle*

Blogger Jacqueline Urbano: Excellent pictures. I have been working on my blog more also and managed to add you to links. Check it out sometime. See you around:)

Blogger pirate_freak: you know what's funny? this photograph is the closest i'll ever get to Stonhenge.

Blogger ME! :-): here's somethin, you pay £2 to get as close as you want to these 'monuments' and then you find out they're not even cursed. Bummer. (don't listen to strange foreigners)

Blogger pirate_freak: ill make a mental note of that, walrus.

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