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I have a kind of liking for Google's AdSense adverts - they're clean, simple and work mostly on their own.

They're also quite useful, because the links that are displaced are relevant to the content on the site (often you can find out about the things I am talking about in more depth).

I am placing them on the post pages in a big block because I need to whip up some chase to pay for all my hosting. The bill has already come for this quarter, and it's a tad hefty.

Of course, The Record Card is hosted freely on Blogger now, but it won't be for long.

Therefore, although I am not allowed to tell you to click on the adverts directly, if you do see something of interest don't be afraid to have a look! ;P

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Blogger Kevin: I had seen them, but they appear to be gone now.
Why can you put Google Ads in your blog? They don't let me, citing my age - but are you not 16, also?

Blogger Fin: I am, but nowadays I almost automatically give a birth date of 1980 to bypass these kinds of guards.

Unusually, I have an advantage in that I live in the UK and so the background checking they can do on me is severely limited (name, bank account, address etc. is about all they ask for). Tax info isn't taken into account.

Funnily enough, they don't have any problem with me buying ad space with Adwords.

The other day I got a cheque from Overture for $0.09. To that I say thanks very much! It came from an affiliate scheme I enrolled in AGES ago, and those 9 cents are probably my cheating a bit. I most certainly didn’t enter my real age there!

Why don't you try giving signing up with a false age a go? After all, Google does want you to sign up, and they aren't likely to check (for something like AdSense they would probably only have to send you a cheque).

Blogger Ariel: Wow, pretty sneaky. ;) I'm wishing my blog would serve up content-specific ads. All I get are "blog" ads - how generic.

Blogger Fin: It is, but it's what I need to do to support the sites.

Essentially it's Google's fault for letting it happen!

I get loads of blog ads to, unless I post about something specific and sellable.

Blogger Kevin: Of course, they asked for my Taxpayer ID (my Social Security Number here in the U.S.) and within that is my birth year, so even lying wouldn't result in them being entirely fooled.
I haven't lied about my age since getting a Geocities account six years ago in good 'ol 1998.

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