Advertising “4”

To place or not to place? That is the question.

Hmm. It's a bit of an eControversial issue.

Even though The Record Card has only received 6 advert clicks in the entire history of adverts being displayed here, amounting to $1.01 (or £0.55, as I would have it), I think I'll keep them. 6 clicks is reasonably good going, and will buy me a lovely Freddo milk chocolate bar. Mmmm.

But the whole deal about Google's adverts being content-sensitive isn't really paying off in this instance. It seems that all TRC is served are ads about blogging and how to blog.

So what I have decided to do is to filter out as many of these adverts as possible, in an attempt to see the most post-relevant ads make it. With luck, they'll be hyper-relevant and very interesting. Doubt it, though.

You may or may not have noticed that I have even tried to filter out the word 'blog' from the entire page, but that bar at the top isn't doing me too many favors.

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Blogger Psychbloke: In the days when we all had blogger ads, it always picked up 'Power Rangers' when I mentioned them (my son is into them).
So, I experimented with 'phlegm' and 'dialectical materialism' ,but no joy there.....

Blogger ME! :-): lol aww.. want me to go OTT on the ads for ya? x

Anonymous Anonymous: Ah, the difficulty of being lumpenproleteriat... *sigh*

Blogger Fin: lol nah don't worry

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