All Work and Some Play “12”

People are starting to notice it. I'm blogging less. Which is bad.

There are reasons, though. Firstly, I've been up to my neck in chemistry, physics and mathematics homework. Thank the lord for me choosing media studies, which has managed to lighten the workload. I have to admit that I do actually enjoy doing those homeworks, because they give me a chance to unload some of my creativity (mostly when it isn't asked for, and usually in the form of nice, logical print design).

Secondly, I've had a copy of the Sims 2 delivered to me by Amazon. Because I am such a procrastinator, I've just been playing on it all the time, and when I haven't been playing on it I have either been at school, doing the homework, eating, washing, or sleeping.

Aaah. That's the life!

I would definitely recommend the Sims 2 to anyone who wished to waste about a week of their free time. It's a very good game.

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Blogger Stezie: I think that this, also, sums up my life. Life sucks sometimes. I hate dealing with it when it does. I just go online and get lost.

Blogger Alanah: so would you say that Sims 2 is better than Sims 1? wow... You know? school sucks... I used to love math and now I just want to curse my school and everything it stands for... curse living in this country of nazis...

Anonymous Anonymous: Nice to see you posting again. Like I said, your work is really above par - awesome!
The Sims... the game made famous for its partial nudity. I read that the new one puts more emphasis on the entire life of the Sim person, instead of little itsy-bitsy chores. That true?
"I have either been at school, doing the homework, eating, washing, or sleeping": good thing about the washing part. I'm afraid many a frightening geek or gamer lock themselves in their little rooms and never perform any hygenic functions. Good thing we have our priorities. :-)
"chemistry, physics and mathematics"; I love my school. We would never (gracious no) have two sciences in the same year. It would probably (at least if we asked the administration) "disrupt the continuity of the learning experience." Beat that.

Blogger pirate_freak: yes, it is a good game. i haven't played it yet, but i know it is good.

Blogger pirate_freak: you know what is sad; i come here evry day after school, and nothing ever changes, xcept the occasional new post or comment. you guys are boring!!! (storms off angrily)jk...... :`

Blogger Kervin: Aarrgghhh must get an upgrade for computer. With my old graphic accelerator, Sims 2 will be bloody slow! Anyway really hoping to get a chance to have a go at it. Been playing sims 1 since the first and till the final expansion, it was great!

Blogger Fin: Now THAT’S dedication.

Or is it perseverance?

Ack, I dunno...

Blogger pirate_freak: this is the second time i have been to this site in......4 hours.

Blogger Fin: You think that's bad - on most days Im on here every hour or so checking for comments.

Blogger pirate_freak: hehehehe.....sori i said i wouldn't comment on your blog any more, Fintan. i was in a VERY bad mod last night.

Blogger Fin: That's ok lol, we have all been there!

Blogger pirate_freak: not like me...

my sister read a note of mine with my biggest secret in it, my parents were just being stupid (as always), and i just had a bad moment.

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