Boom Bip: Seed to Sun “1”

coverI've just revived a shipment of this fab little CD fill of rinsin (?) beats from a top Canadian duo.

I really like it, but I doubt if you will, owing to my bizarre taste in music. Anyways, you can try it (and I suggest you do!) on Amazon.

I particularly like tracks one (which is real perfection) and four (mmm... mysterious). I've also decided that track 9 is perfect for my media studies coursework.

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Anonymous Anonymous: Wow have quite colo(u)rful tastes in music.
Is this all instrumental? It seems like it...
I've been looking for music I can play while I do homework. I used to listen to classical music on the radio, but that just doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe I'll look at it more in-depth (hooray for ITMS!) a little later.
But, yes, very bizarre.

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