Bowling for Columbine “8”

Me and mi amigos when to Bristol to go and see a special media studies screening of Bowling for Columbine yesterday.

God it's long. I've seen it before and all, but I really just wasn't in the mood for this. There was a talk by a high-up BBC film critic afterwards but our group, especially me, wasn't in the right frame of mind. Plus it was about midday, and I hadn't had anything to eat yet.

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Anonymous Anonymous: That would be "mis amigos." ;-)
Anyway, what does Michael Moore get at in this film anyway? Does he want to take away the right to bear arms?

Blogger Fin: Lol yeah I got a 'D' in half-GCSE Spanish for a reason!

Blogger Fin: Oh and M.M. doesn't really have a conclusion. I think basically we learn that Americans like to kill each other with guns far more than others do.

Anonymous Anonymous: Well, I'm not personally inclined in that direction, but to be honest my area (Syracuse, that is) has so many gun deaths it's pathetic. Although, for the most part, they are in the south side of the city in poorer areas where I don't live. That also makes many of the victims, unfortunately, black Americans.

Blogger pirate_freak: fintan, how do you pronnounce your last name???

Anonymous Anonymous: *ahem* yes, some others may be interested in that information, as well.

Blogger Fin: Hmm... I wonder which is the best way to show you?

I'll have a think about it. :P

Anonymous Anonymous: I'll have to hook up my microphone and talk to you on MSN. Oh, wait, my computer is dead. Nevermind.

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