Domain Purchasing Madness! “7”

I went a bit mad while domain purchasing today!

A trip to an art exhibition up the road ran it home that I wasn't actually promoting my self as a web designer enough (well… at all). So I did a few quick branding designs, came up with a marketable name, and bought a decent domain. What name?


Good, isn't it? Well… I hope it does what it's meant to do, anyway. It's easy to spell and read, at least. The domain is

Additionally, I was awarded a free .info domain, which took me by surprise. After little thought, I decided that it would be nice to buy (as you do), because is having a bit of a hard time with PacNames (who won't let me touch it), and I might be able to put some kind of portfolio up there.

All is good!

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Anonymous Anonymous: Fintan's got a brand identity... woohoo!
MarketWest? As in "west country" I suppose?

Anonymous Anonymous: How not to do it - Market West.

Blogger Fin: Yep... marketing in the West Country. They like it nice and simple around here :P

As for - agggh! My eyes! lol

Blogger pirate_freak: whats wrong with your eyes?! did you look at Kevin?! don't hurt me! *cowers in fear from Kevin* (nervous chuckle) you know im only jokin'. POW!!!! KO-ed (knocked out)

Blogger Fin: Harsh!

Anonymous Anonymous: Aw, now I'm hurt.
Is it the sombrero?

Blogger Fin: lol

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