I'm Baaack! “1”

It was a nice little break but I am glad to be back home and reading my email.

I've gone and taken loads of pictures which I will be filtering though, selecting the best of the best and posting up soon enough.

I've also been flicking though the comments made on the site, and there really has been a lot made. Thanks to everyone who wants to know how to say my last name. Until I show you (Hmmm… show or tell? Or both?), you'll have to just settle with it being some magical Irish name, and replace it with 'dee'.

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Blogger ME! :-): hmm.. there has - since the first sighting of this post - and issue of pronounciation, which is also turning out to be a somewhat strange 'disscusion' on the subject. Is it Darr-ah ... or Daaarrrr? lol soz don't wana be rude or anything! lol x

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