M10: A Room of Physics “5”

This is the first insider picture of CCS (since this beginning of this blog, in fact). It's a physics room, and my tutor room, too.

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Blogger Justin: I like the tables and chairs...

Blogger Fin: I think they're new.

Anonymous Anonymous: Oh, no! It's almost exactly as I pictured it - in other words, not much different than the American counterpart. Not to say that the substance of the material taught is equal ;-)

Blogger ME! :-): ooher.. don't look underneath tho.. although it was last year, i had a detention n had to clean them all with a knife.. eurgh.. put me off gum for.. ooh.. hours!

Blogger Tatertot: Is the room that long? Nice...and the new format is very cool.

(thanks for the comment on my blog!)

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