More Oneclick Comedy “5”

I've got that Friday feeling! This Friday, why don't you check out the latest addition of Oneclick Comedy.

I've already listened to it, and have to say that it's really good (once again). The very first joke is brilliant, and there's also a good one for the USAians (particularly Kevin, who lives near NY) at around 9 minutes into the programme.

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Anonymous Anonymous: *sigh* presses Win+R, enters "iexplore", presses "OK".

Anonymous Anonymous: What's up with the whole "aerial" exchange (about 6 minutes into it)? lol, completely how I think of British people talking, though.
"But it's raining rather badly, Daddy..."

Anonymous Anonymous: lol - we make fun of the people that talk like that too. Naturally, living in New York State proper - people from New York City would call it "upstate" - we have a lot of people who move up here from New York City.
But anyway, a lot of the natives down there speak this kind of dialect which I don't know how do describe except that (I just had this conversation yesterday!) they say things like "caaw-fee" - oh my, I just love the accent. But I don't have it, lucky me.
Truth be told, I was born in Southern New Jersey, so my only piece of quirky pronunciation (from American mainstream) is the way I say water, which I say somewhat like "wu-der". Go figure.
This is such an awesome, quirky show. I wish I was able to get it - wonder if it's on shortwave. Pfff, probably not.

Blogger Fin: lol - It is good.

I can't really imagine anyone saying 'wader' instead of 'water' - but 'round 'ere 'ts usuawlay cawled warur.

That's west country, by the way.

Anonymous Anonymous: Oh, no! I'm addicted!

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