My Kinda Radio Show “7”

I really do love Radio 1's new(ish) show, Oneclick Comedy.

It's such a funny and well-made show, and is especially good to listen to while doing creative things. I also has loads of my favourite type of music (which often defies categorization), which makes it rather special to me.

Why don't you try it out? It's one hour long, and can be streamed by the BBC's radio online thingy. Well, it airs on a Saturday morning at about 3.00am, so how else is everyone going to listen to it?

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Blogger Fin: UPDATEAmericans among us may want to pay particular attention to the sketch just over about 20 mins into the show.

It doesn't sound funny, but it is.

What do you all think about the joke?

Blogger Fin: And again at 29 mins past (this time is actually made me lol)! To groovy music, too!

Blogger Fin: 40 mins is also a hoot!

Blogger Kevin: Hmm... let me get rid of the elephant in my room:
Of course I don't agree with all of President Bush's foreign policy decisions, but of all things the insinuation that they are based upon his faith are both disturbing and uneducated.
I also don't agree with the way the term "religious fundamentalists" was dropped - apparently it was spoken by a true secular fundamentalist.
In other words, I could almost be considered a quote-unquote "religious fundamentalist"; the reason I say that with reserve is because, according to my dictionary, fundamentalism is often characterized by "intolerance of other views", something I don't feel that I possess. I will say that I obviously believe my belief is right, to the exclusion of most others - otherwise, after all, why would it be worth belief? - but I also respect and recognize (as tolerance is defined) people who hold other beliefs as equally free to do so. But that's a heavy topic, and I don't really want to force the discussion of it on any of you [Fintan, if you don't want this in here, delete it and I'll get the point]. Please don't hurt me! So, moving right along...
Also somewhat funny from an [partially-] educated American perspective is the statement that there was a meeting "at the Pentagon" between "homeland security" officials in "November 2001". The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was not established until 2002, and they are not based in the Pentagon. Otherwise that part might have been believable for a tad bit more and thus made the joke a little funnier.
Although, I must admit, that attempt at a southern accent was hilarious.

Blogger Fin: Don't worry, Kevin. I won't delete your post!

I understand where you are coming from, but you have to just accept that to make that joke phrases like 'religious fundamentalists' had to be used. Whereas, if he used the phrase 'militant fundamentalists', THAT would have been really pushing it.

Ach, it's a cheap joke anyway. :P

Blogger Fin: It's actually so good I think I'll listen to it again. I really love the intro music, too...

Blogger Kevin: Eh, I was tired anyway, so I took it a little more personally than I normally would.

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