The Photography Game “14”

Okay, people! Let's get motivated here! There isn't much point in me just showing you snaps that I have taken while experimenting with my camera! I need to pretend to be a real photojournalist! I mean, come on!

To all you Americans who are mystified by British (and that's British, not English or You-Kayish), I want to you to start requesting pictures of certain aspects of the area in which I live. Do you really want to know what the local KFC looks like? Or how about an up close peak at Blagdon's lake?

Hey, we even have a lovely great big water pump thing (the biggest and oldest for yonks)! Why don't you ask to see that? Or how about a lovely picture of a church (we have three flavours... pick yours)? Or a sneaky shot of the real state of our school? Or the hall in which I preformed a few great plays, including Macbeth, Blah, Blah and etc.

Oh, the list could go on! But make it interesting (and doable - nothing that I'll have to go too far out of my way to do, please). There are loads to choose from here, but I want you to pick them, because you lot are the ones who will end up seeing them!

My battery is charged and ready, and my memory card is willing and able! So start picking! :P

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Anonymous Anonymous: I must say, the real state of your school would be interesting. Hmm, it doesn't have to be KFC, but any local branch of a grossly-oversized fundamentally American chain would be fine. Actually, do you have any commercial centers (oh, yes, American spelling triumphs again!) - I would say mall, but you never know - nearby with some stores? Something relatively clichéd? I'd say your house, but then, I don't know how privacy-oriented you are. There's no chance of me coming over and terrorizing you and your family, of course, seeing as how air travel is prohibitively expensive, but privacy privacy privacy is the name of the game game game nowadays. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. Repetition is a sign of stupidity. (Sorry.)
I'd say "your dog", but you have those bases covered, as we say ;-)
I'd say the Sydney Opera House, but that would be terribly ignorant. :-P
While we're on the British thing (as opposed to English, and UK-ish, the latter being a terrible, terrible fabrication), when I was in Mexico this summer I was with a group of Mexicans and Americans and we were all speaking Spanish because, well, it was Mexico. Some kid came up to us and said it was "good to see an American, finally." I asked him if he spoke any Spanish and he said "no, I only speak American."

Anonymous Anonymous: Which reminds me of a time I was talking to another British internet-acquaintance of mine and made the mistake of saying, in jest obviously, something a long the lines of "God Bless the U.S. and the U.K." and she replied back, somewhat vindictively, signing off with "God Bless the U.S., and God Save the Queen."
To which I stopped myself from responding something rather critical of constitutional monarchy, but nearly inquired, just to anger her, why she was calling Tony Blair the "queen."
Which reminds me of good old Reverend Spooner, who mistakenly proposed a toast to the "queer old Dean" rather than the "dear old Queen".

Blogger Fin: *gasp!* "I only speak AMERICAN!!?!"

You have no idea the insult that is to the Queen's English!

It's funny: although I don't really care what a Mexican kid calls a language, I have to say that it does ring a hefty bell with me when people call it American. Or, in software, "American English". Often when I install things I think to myself "just what happened to ENGLISH ENGLISH?"

*and relax*

So what's it gonna be then?

Anonymous Anonymous: Maybe a residential street (or, if your village has a "main street", than that) would be neat - I don't think many Americans have a concept of what a real British home looks like. I mean, I can tell you that they're supposedly diminutive compared to what's available in the US - the UK average is something like 76m square in comparison to 204m square in the US.
And then also the real state of your school.
Yes, those are what I would like to see.

Anonymous Anonymous: I'm also compelled to see pictures of residential areas. Shops and commercial areas (malls) would be cool to see too.

And do you really have strawberries and cream?

Blogger pirate_freak: I am eager to see more pictures of you and all of your friends. Do you and "Wally" know eachother? I would like to see pictures of your family, also. I am a "people watcher" if you want to call it that. So, pictures of you/firends/family???

Anonymous Anonymous: lol, almost sounds borderline stalker if you think about it too long. Maybe you should just make a desktop wallpaper-sized image of yourself for all of your adoring fans. :-P

Blogger the Arrogant Fool: You should take a picture of your front door. Minus your address of course, if it happens to be displayed.

One of my best friends, Miranda, (god love her) was in an elevator of a dorm our softmore year in college. Two kids got on and were talking some foreign languge. When they got off the elevator my other friend said "I wonder what language they were speaking" to which Miranda replied "I think they were speaking British."

Right . . .

Blogger Justin: I would like to see a picture of a local train/subway station, or bell towers. Also I would like some snaps of the kinds of roads/cars around your area. Great blog - very interesting.

Blogger Fin: Mr. A. Fool (lol): unfortunately the front door of my house isn't very interesting. At all.

Justin: Thanks for the compliment! Sadly, in Blagdon (or anywhere near) there aren't any subways or even trains, but I can certainly get a nice shot of a car on a road. If the weekend weather is good all the vintage cars will come out, and they look awesome.

Blogger Emily: lol
Do you really think we Americans walk around the MALL saying "gee, I sure wish those 'mystifying' UK-ish people would come visit us someday." get real
...but I would like to see some pictures of were you and your friends hang out...i mean socialize (just playin)

Blogger the Arrogant Fool: It's Ms. Fool. Ironic that people always think I'm a guy - I can't tell if it's the foolishness or the arrogance.

Blogger Fin: lol

Anonymous Anonymous: Ouchies - probably a mixture of the two.

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