Premiere Web Designer Indeed! “26”

I've have published by new blog template, which you should be looking at right now.

I've done a whole lodda work on this one, and it's a major CSS model, so it should be ask quick as a... erm... fox.

Please do feel free to leave comments!

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Blogger Fin: Whoopeee! I hope that you can all see this comment okay!

I've yet to do the archive page and recent posts list thing yet, but it's top of my list so it shouldn't take too long!

Blogger Fin: Everything has been sorted out now, and the entire blog is now furnished in this (ahem) lovely new template.

I'm proud of it because it's mine, from the ground up. And most of the coding was done today.

I also spent a hell of a lot of time fine tuning some of the aspects of how posts look. Now, under posts you can see nice new permalink and comment buttons which light up when you put your cursor over them! How nice!

For each comment, the author's name displays in bold next to a little page icon. This icon should, like the post permalink icon, light up when you go to have a look at the author's profile, but unfortunately Blogger's system prevents this. Never mind, though. I'm sure I'll find a way around it in the coming few days.

Blogger Fin: Hmm. Not too sure about those bullet points, though. I did whip them up rather quickly...

Blogger Fin: Oh my goodness! I just can't stop commenting! They all appear so beautifully on the page! :P

Blogger Fin: I really do have to stop posting and do my Physics homework for tomorrow.

Blogger Fin: Oh, and I don't know if you have noticed the new blockquote box yet, but it's there and it looks damn fine! :)

Blogger Kevin: Wow, Fintan, this is, I must say, quite hot. Apparently some people hold that opinion of you personally; I do hold it of your design. Very neat - great graphics, too.

Blogger Fin: Thanks very much, Kevin!

Blogger Kevin: Oh, although I don't know about the picture of you, though, it doesn't seem oriented quite right - maybe centered would be good.

Blogger Kevin: No, I changed my mind - it's good.

Blogger Kevin: Oh, and miracle of miracles, it works on IE and Firefox. Will the wonders see no end?

Blogger pirate_freak: i...

Blogger pirate_freak: like...

Blogger pirate_freak: to...

Blogger pirate_freak: comment...

Blogger pirate_freak: on...

Blogger pirate_freak: yer...

Blogger pirate_freak: blog!

Blogger pirate_freak: sori about the annoyance factor!!!


Blogger Fin: lol That's okay! :}

Blogger Fin: I've just noticed how the white highlights don't look too nice on a computer with a lower colour capacity.

I'll try to change it later on...

Blogger Fin: Kevin - I'm not sure about that photo either. It's a bit old now and I might take a new one.

Blogger ME! :-): Wow! its amazing! I'm really liking the new look! And the Quotation marks! cool! wow! cool! woo! w00t! woosh! and any othe strange noises you can thik of! wooo!

Blogger Fin: Vroooom! :P

Blogger pirate_freak: BA-DA-BA-BA-BA...........I'M LOVIN' IT!!!!

this gets on my last nerve!!! \__/

Blogger Kevin: I bet that McDonald's sells McHaggis in Scotland.

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