Resfest “0”

I travelled into Bristol today to see two screenings of Resfest, the international festival of digital film.

It was really interesting, and I came home with bucket loads of free stuff and, more importantly, ideas.

I saw 'Shorts Three', a compilation of films that show how filmmakers communicate the world around them through motion pictures, and then 'Shorts Two', full of "wry humour" and animation.

The funny one was far better, and had some true masterpieces. However, Shorts Three left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. It wasn't really that good in all, and only two films really stood out.

The best was, by far (of course), the UK contribution to the sequence, entitled 'Nothing', by Steve Green. After that comes 'Grasshopper' by Bob Sabiston, shot in New York and offering some enlightening words of wisdom.

Shorts Two was packed full of gems. All three UK productions were brilliant; there was a good French one, and some good USA entries, too.

It may very well come to a city near you soon, so keep an eye out for it! I even bought the DVD…

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