The Road to Happiness “5”

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Anonymous Anonymous: That seems, well, backwards. At least to my American eyes. Which one is the passing lane?

Blogger Fin: The passing lane (I take it you mean the one coming in the opposite direction) is on the right.

Anonymous Anonymous: Nopers - in the US on divided highways (we're more apt to call them either simply "highways", "parkways", "freeways" or "interstates") each side of the road is divided into a certain number of lanes, most of which have a designated purpose.
Let's say a highway has three lanes going each direction, as in your photo; in that case, the right-most lane is the "slow" or "truck" lane, the central lane is a normal driving lane, and the right lane is the "passing" lane, for overtaking slower drivers - basically, you enter that lane, pass them, and then get back in in front of them.

Anonymous Anonymous: whoops - I mean the left lane is the passing lane

Blogger Fin: yep - we have them. From the outside in, they are called:

- Hard Shoulder
- Slow Lane
- Middle Lane
- Fast Lane

Yeah - We like to keep it smpl. :P

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