Trapped on the Edge of Space “10”

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Anonymous Anonymous: Ah, there's the photographer Fintan that we all know and some, apparently, love.

Blogger Fin: Heh, yeah I thought it was about time I put up a photo or two.

Anonymous Anonymous: I really like your blog a lot. Keep up the good work!

Blogger pirate_freak: hey, that's me!!!

Blogger pirate_freak: WOOT!!!

Blogger ME! :-): wow! thats cool.. but maybe lets not look at such things whilst a lil tipsy.. i was going to call NASA and say you've spotted a UFO lol!
n sparrow_13- whats 'WOOT'?
And also: yes.. i think Fintan is now a fully fledged chick magnet what with having... how many is it Fin? three? four? maybe five? :-P

Anonymous Anonymous: WOOT is an English translation of the 1337 (that's pronounced "leet" - basically a "hacker" language using numbers or symbols instead of letters that gives the supposed "hacker" or geek a superiority complex) word normally depicted as w00t that has been adapted for use by the everyday computer user.
Quite simply, it's like "hurray" or "huzzah." It's not an American-ism, though, just a geek-ism.

Blogger Fin: lol

Blogger pirate_freak: YAY!!! I AM A GEEK!!! wOOt!

Blogger pirate_freak: WOA!!! The changes you made to your template are amazing! you are STILL a genious!

and i am flattered that you put me on your "Other Greats" list!


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