The WDC “12”

My very own grand scheme, the ‘Web Design Club’ (which I will shorten to WDC from now on) is starting to happen.

Tomorrow I will be sending out all the flyers to the tutor groups of my school, inviting them to join in and register to take part.

I did this A4 flyer in about 30 minutes (writing and all). I may have gone overboard with the whole ‘North Somerset’s Leading Web Designer’ statement, but I ask you this: how many other web designers do you know from North Somerset? And if you DO happen to know one, can they do it as good as I can?

Well, it sounds rather big-headed (don’t you worry, I am very aware of that), but I’m trying to do the ‘hard sell’ on these guys. I want them to be excited by this.

You may notice that I havenÂ’t mentioned any names on the flyer. Well, I have done this just in case people in years 9 and 10 recognise my name and donÂ’t bother to sign up (thinking that itÂ’s just by some guy from year 12).

Sneaky tactics? Yes. Totally.

Click the image to read the document.

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Anonymous Anonymous: Unless UK English has taken a turn for the worse, "talent" still has one "l," by the way.
"North Somerset's leading web designer..." it sounds like a stretch, but after a little nosing around via Google, I suppose it isn't one. It does sound a little egotistical, bordering on narcissism - but, of course, saying anything less would probably be patronizing (or, I suppose "patronising") false modesty.
Hmm, I wish I had someone that actually was capable of web design and graphic art at your level in my school - after all, perhaps I might finally get around to learning some database language and PHP and all that fun stuff - but, alas, no such luck. We do have lots of web designers in New York, coincidentally.

Blogger Fin: I honestly don't believe it!

I spell-checked everything in that document, bar that very sentence, which I put in quickly at the last minute (thinking about how I am useless at drawing and 'design' might put people who share my disability off).

Nicely spotted, and quickly changed.

Blogger Stezie: You sound just like the kind of guy my friend Rick is. It's quite scary. Good luck on your blog.

Blogger Brian: Fast Food Nation and Naked were excellent books.

Blogger pirate_freak: i think i've killed commenting on about.....ALL OF FINTAN'S POSTS!

Blogger pirate_freak: i am not commenting on this site ne more untill someone new comes to mine.....

Blogger Fin: They sure were Brian. Aww Sparrow :( why don't you try leaving posts on other people's random blogs and then they might come back and say hi!

Blogger pirate_freak: i do...

Blogger pirate_freak: people just don't seem to like my enthusiam.....and i have lots of it.

Blogger Fin: lol I bet there are loads of people who would want a bit of your enthusiasm!

Blogger pirate_freak: well, i have LOTS to go around!!!

Blogger Fin: Oh! The leaflets have gone out today, and before I go home from school I'll be sure to check to see if there are any sign-ups yet!

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