Christmas Comes Early “9”

It's here. It's finally here!

Broadband has come to Blagdon, and more importantly, to me!

It was touch and go setting it up to start with - the installer made a few mistakes, but a few phone calls to AOL support (which I have to say it top quality) fixed it for me.

I've gone ahead and bought the 2Mbps package, and I have to say that it makes the internet a whole lot friendlier. It's no longer a pain to download movies, music or files, which saves a lot of time and makes the experience much jollier.

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Blogger Kevin: AOL support and "top quality" are not words that traditionally appear in the same sentence, assuming we're talking about our wonderful neigbor America Online. It had a way of grinding anything less than a dual-processor machine to a halt.
And how strangely incongruous - Britons on America Online?!

Blogger Fin: I know that that might be an unusual concept to grasp (a n international conglomerate giving quality support?!?!), but so far they have been really nice to me, with free tech support (well... free everything support) and that unusually useable feautre, 'live help'.

It is a pain, however, spelling out my name to them over the phone.

"What's that you said? Fintond Arrah? Sintan? Sinton?"

Blogger Monkeyhanger: Another fellow Brit, giving their money to 'A??!OL'. Fucking hell. You even have to use their stuff and everything. I can't recommend my 'Freedom to Surf' enough. Their customer support is AMAZING. It could not be improved. I'm on about email AND phone. Out of all the ones you can choose from, why AOL? -A-OL?

Blogger Nick: Howdy!

I was just blog surfing and I happened to stumble upon yours. You've got a very nice blog...and design! I am envious, haha. Plus, it's a fresh point-of-view, while I'm used to the everyday American-blog.

See ya!

Blogger Kevin: By the way, Fin, did you go and disable syndication? My little RSS "live bookmark" icon disappeared from Firefox when I visited your page.

Blogger pirate_freak: How do you pronounce that last name of yours?

Blogger Fin: Kevin - I don't quite know. I'll check it out

Missi F to the P - You'll see....

Blogger pirate_freak: ???????????????????????????????

Blogger Fin: lol

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