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I'm surprised that I haven't mentioned this here yet, but recently I have designed two new websites.

They both have reasonably similar designs, but for a reason: they're easier, faster, and make the web page look like it has more on it.

Christine Cross Photography

A Christmas gift to my photographer neighbour.


Our Young Enterprise company. We're making and selling customized tee-shirts. At the end of it you get two GCSEs in Enterprise and something good to put on your UCAS application form. Great! I, naturally, am doing the marketing.

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Blogger Kevin: Here, let me make some grammar and style points regarding that press release, seeing as that's all "for which" I am good.
1. "...6 local teenagers are..."
At least according to US style, we would write "six local teenagers", spelling out the word "six" because it is a one-digit number.
2. "...through education charity Young Enterprise,
the company, Creador is run by 6 students
aged 16-17."
The comma between "company" and "Creador" confuses me. What do you mean? "The Creador company" or "the company Creador" would probably be at least some clearer alternatives.
3. "The company offers a range of custom t-shirts which customers can pick from or even create their designs."
This time, I certainly know what you mean but it's a little awkwardly worded. Perhaps "Customers can either choose from company-created custom t-shirt designs or even create their own."
4. "James Boreham, Managing Director of Creador said..."
Try "James Boreham, Managing Director of Creador, said:"
5. "Creador is supported by Amy Badman and Neil
Ridge from HSBC who act as advisers to the company."
Try "Creador is supported by Amy Badman and Neil Ridge from HSBC, who..."

And omitting Oxford commas threw me off a bit, as well, but I will survive. You're British, after all.

Blogger Fin: lol Thanks for that fully-fledged proof-read. :P

The only thing is that we didn't actually write it. It was a plain old Word template that was sent to us by Young Enterprise, which I didn't even get to touch, that was filled out by someone and then sent to me - I (foolishly, given who it was coming from) took it to be word-perfect and went away and designed the thing.

To be honest, it's a bit too late to make all those corrections now, because it has been sent out to a good few local newspapers. But they probably won't mind.

Blogger Kevin: I guess that I can't require monetary compensation, then.

Blogger Fin: lol


But you can buy one of our shares for only 50p (only 93c!)

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