Nowt Much “1”

Aaah. It's getting quiet here are TRC.

There are good reasons, however. Work is overwhelming at the moment, and I am having to pay particular attention to my maths AS. I had a test on it the other week and got a... well, I won't say here for the shame of it, but let's just say it was utterly upsetting, especially after all of that hard work.

Pff. Yeah. Whatever. I'm doing pretty well in chemistry at the moment, however. I got an A in an organic chemistry test the other day (oil, etc.), and a B in the inorganic one (which is quite a feat, apparently).

A public speaking event is looming, where I will be taking the role of summer-upper, giving the 'vote of thanks'. It's a debating competition (at it's lowest tier, too). Our chosen topic is 'youth in the media', which should prove to be entertaining.

Thanks very much, dear. That was a really nice speech, and had loads of really interesting points. Well done.

I really hope we go up to regional level. I'm going to hire a nice suit for the event, and get a hair cut. I's so determined to win it I might even resort to flirting with the judges. Let's just hope they're female...

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Blogger pirate_freak: i'll love you forever if you flirt w/ the male judges too...!

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