That Dirty, Dirty Race! “3”

Apart from Father Ted, there is one good thing on tonight:

Channel 4, 8.00pm, Monday 1st Nov
The Dirty Race for the White House
Political commentator Peter Oborne visits America to assess the nation's democratic credentials ahead of the forthcoming presidential election. Joining the campaign trail, he discovers that the process is something of a sham as the most ill-informed people in the country ultimately decide who is to become the most powerful man in the world.

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Blogger Fin: I know that sounds quite anti-American, but I'll be sure to tell you what the programme was really like.

Blogger Fin: Ah. It was alright - I missed the beginning, but the message was essentially that the US elections are very flawed and rather messy. It noted how the Pres. Abe. L.'s "By the people, of the people and for the people" statement is now ignored and basically that poor people are being ignored, the ignorant voters are the most powerful and they are influenced by the dreaded 417 groups (or 217 - I can't quite remember), and that outside of policies, the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans.

I have to say that it wasn't a top-quality documentary, but notable none-the-less.

Blogger Kevin: That would be 527 groups.

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